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a standard house clean would consist of the following:

offering a wide range of cleaning services  that include all of the following:

Bedrooms, Living Room & Common Areas: Vacuum carpets and stairs, vacuum and mop all hard surface floors. Dust furniture and wipe down surfaces of laundry area, tables, windowsills, and shelves. Make beds & change linens.

Bathrooms: Wash and sanitize the toilet, shower, tub and sink. Dust all accessible surfaces, wipe down mirrors and glass fixtures, clean all floor surfaces, take out garbage.

Kitchen Cleaning: Clean all accessible surfaces including stove top, exterior cabinets, exterior refrigerator, and shelves and windowsills. Vacuum and mop floor. Take out garbage.

Deep Cleans

We do offer a more extensive deep clean for any of the following areas or in all areas of your house. We love to make sure We satisfy all your specific needs. Just let us know your specific requests. For some instructions we like to plan a walk through to make note and assess the condition and size of the house and make sure we have everything necessary to make your house sparkle!

Clean Bathroom(s)

Make Beds and Change Linens

Clean Mirrors and Glasses

Dust and Wipe Baseboards

Clean Surface Appliances

Clean Inside Microwaves

Dust/Mop Hardwood Floor

Clean Sliding Glass Doors

Dust and Wipe Blinds

Dust and Wipe Window Sills

Clean Ceiling Fans

Clean Door Fingerprints

Clean Front Door Windows

Vacuum Hardwood/Entire Carpets

Clean Inside Toaster Ovens

Remove Cobwebs

Clean Vents

Clean Ashtrays

Clean Burners

Remove trash

Wash Cabinets

Dust/Polish Furniture

Polish Cabinets

Scrub Sinks

Clean Stoves

Vacuum Furniture

Wash Counter tops

Dust/Wipe Stairs Rail

Dust Hanging Pictures

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